Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle
Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle
Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle
Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle
Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle

Zhongyan Taihe Acupuncture Needle

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The Beijing Zhongyantaihe Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. which is approved by Beijing Food and Drug Administration, is one of the specialized enterprises that engaged in general practice and sales of medical devices. Pursuing a "people-oriented, customer first", we think highly of business integrity more than anything, and to treat our customers with is our business criteria. Carrying forward the Chinese culture, led by technology, with innovation as the soul, surviving by quality and health needs- oriented.we are wholeheared committed to the research and development of TCM equipment under the concept of integrity management.


Zhong yan tai he" metal handle acupuncture needles are available  with guide tube. The worlds highest quality manufactured acupuncture needle is now cheaper than other metal handle acupuncture needles. Chinese manufactured "zhong yan tai he" acupuncture needles have a deserved reputation for quality and ease of insertion. The needles are polished three times and the tips are covered with a special coating which permits almost painless insertion. The use of extra high tensile strength surgical steel needle shafts also produces a very responsive acupuncture needle.




Product: Zhongyan Taihe Disposable sterile Acupuncture Needle

Specifications : 500 pieces/box
Sterilization method :Epoxyethane and Gamma ray
Attention:  1,Storage: Avoid humdity and high temperature
                   2, Do not use if inside package is damaged
                   3,To be used by Medical Practitioner
                   4,Sterile needles are disposable products. Do not use them repeatedly.




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