Niacinamide Vitamin C serum

Niacinamide Vitamin C serum

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DR.HC YUZU B3 FACE CLEANSING SERUM is a serum-based facial cleanser which is formulated with more than 95% organic/natural content and without harmful surfactants such as SLS/ SLES. Featured with Yuzu extract (also known as the Japanese citron), Niacimamide (Vitamin B3), Passionfruit extract, and enriched with organic/natural botanical extracts and vitamins, the cleanser helps deeply and gently removing all dirts, oil and pollutants, while nourishing and providing your skin with toning, brightening, oil balancing, anti-blemish and anti-acne benefits. Let's enjoy the DR.HC YUZU B3 FACE CLEANSING SERUM in 2-way application: Apply directly onto wet skin, or apply it after foaming.


  • POINT 1: A plant-based cleanser with clean formula! More than 95% Organic/Natural content. The purest ingredients will nourish your skin while gently removing dirt, oil and pollutants.
  • POINT 2:  No SLS/ SLES and synthetic surfactants. No worry of skin dryness, flakiness or any damage caused by harmful surfactants.
  • POINT 3:  Free from toxic and harmful chemicals. No parabens, no artificial frangrances and dyes/ pigments. The wonderful citrus scent is coming from 100% natural botanical extracts.
  • POINT 4:  Alcohol-free. Gentle even for the sensitives. 
  • POINT 5: Water-based formula and non-comedogenic. Good for all skin types. Perfect even for skin with breakouts.
  • POINT 6: Two-way application. Can be used directly on wet skin, or can be applied to skin after foaming. Enjoy whatever way you want!
  • POINT 7: Vegan & Gluten-free formula.


  • All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination) 
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin with breakouts


  • Skin toning & brightening
  • Oil balancing
  • Anti-blemish
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-dark spot  
  • Anti-aging

This product also helps

  • Pore minimizing
  • Hydrating
  • Softening 
  • Non-comedogenic


-Way 1: Wet your face with water. Apply the cleanser directly on your skin and gently massage the entire face. You can also use a facial cleansing brush instead of finger tips. Then rinse well with water. 
-Way 2:  After wetting your face, put an appropriate amount of the cleanser on a foaming net, foaming then applying the foam onto your skin to wash. Rinse well with water.
-Follow with our toner, serum and moisturizer.

WHEN TO USE:  Everyday, day & night.

    ORDER TO APPLY:   DANIELLA YUZU B3 FACE CLEANSING SERUM → (rinse well) → Toner → Serum/Emulsion  → Moisturizer 

      HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sun light.